Moving office or office relocation is a necessity for some growing companies to find a more comfortable office than the existing office. But for office relocation is not easy, there is a lot of things to manage to avoid mistakes while the office moving process. 

An office relocation plan outlines the tasks necessary to complete a successful move. It should also specify who is responsible for each task and when the tasks must be completed. By creating an outline of every step in the office moving process, we ensure necessary tasks are completed in the required timeframe. When following a good project plan, downtime and loss of productivity are kept to a minimum as the move is successfully completed on time and on budget.

Mr. Anthony is a founder of Kawasama wants to relocate his office from Seksyen 17 - Seksyen 22 and want to move immediately because he doesn't want to waste a lot of time because of this. Mr. Anthony decides to want to hire the mover's company to complete half of the tasks to relocate his office. Then he chooses AM PRO MOVERS to complete those tasks. 

Due to the trust given by Mr. Anthony, we at AM PRO MOVERS brought a total of 4 professional manpower to help Mr. Anthony to wrap, load, and move all equipment at old office items to his new office. We managed to complete all the tasks in just one day without making any technical mistakes in the process pack, and air-cond and load his items to the APMT truck. The APMT team also managed to deliver all the items in a safe condition and there was no damage or scratches on his office items.

We are Movers and Packers Selangor are happy to see the satisfaction of Mr. Anthony. He was satisfied and impressed with the cooperation and speed of Movers and Packers doing their job.

Thank you Mr. Anthony for trusting the APMT service !!

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